About David Edelman

I am an entrepreneur, author, speaker, advocate, and lover of learning.

I am Founder of Thrivable, a startup helping health care companies get the voice of the patient into all of their decisions. Our real-time market research platform reduces the research cycle from months to hours.

Thrivable also includes Diabetes Daily, a leading diabetes online community reaching millions every year. We strive to help everyone touched by diabetes achieve healthier, happier, more hope-filled lives.

The heart of my skill-set is bringing people together around a shared vision of the future. I believe that empathy for others, and a willingness to learn is the key to developing long-term partnerships that snowball into transformational change. I love working with smart people to tackle big problems.

My other passions include promoting entrepreneurship and economic development in Northeast Ohio. I am past President of the Hebrew Free Loan Association, a non-profit organization that has been providing interest-free loans to responsible individuals since 1904. We have helped over 25,000 families with over $9.5 million dollars in loans.

I’ve been known to sit at a piano and lead a late night singalongs at conferences and Burning Man.