Jo Hair: a Cut Above the Rest!

I’ve seen Shelby Hersch almost every month since I was 10. Shelby is, in my opinion, the best barber in the world. He has great stories, an always-on sense of humor, and provides an extraordinarily high level of service. As far as the top of my head (and uni-brow) is concerned and a good half hour of conversation, you can’t ask for anything more.┬áSo I was very excited when he asked me to assist with his first website for Jo Hair.

I’ve become an increasingly big fan of WordPress for quick web design over the last few years, and jumped at the chance to quickly create a new site. It took about 10 hours to setup WordPress, identify a mobile-responsive theme (Executive Theme by StudioPress), gather the content, implement it, and troubleshoot any bugs. The result, I’d hope you agree, is a great Jo Hair website. The lesson: WordPress has made it easier and easier to create a beautiful, highly functional website.

Thank you to Shelby for decades of great service and conversation. I am very glad that I could assist your project and will be back in touch as soon as my hair grows another few millimeters.