How You Will Get Your Own Personal Android

Google is in the business of collecting data about you to target ads effectively.

Android is a tool to get into your mobile life and know where you are, what you’re doing, and what you want. They can use this information to target ads.

But they want to know more. As computer interfaces get more advanced, Android will go deeper. What do you see? Is your heart racing? Combine sensory and biological inputs with your search history, travel patterns, and social environment, and the ads get ever more targeted.

In 25 years, the human computer interactions will be in full bloom. Android will be an OS that sits between your mind and the world. It will be your own personal concierge.

And if the trend continues. If we can build computers onto our brains? Or into our DNA?

You will be, in a sense, partly Android. And the ads will be perfectly targeted.