Average CTR on Banner Ads

For years, I’ve been wondering whether our banner click-through rates on DiabetesDaily.com are low or high. I want to be able to look our advertisers in the eye and say: “Boy, do we have a great deal for you. Check out these numbers and imagine the return on your investment!”

We have many ad spots with click-through rates above 1%. These are undeniably great. But what about the skyscraper ad on the right side of our forum? It has been averaging a .15% click-through rate during the past two months. Granted, we have regular advertisers and regular customers, so there is a certain amount of ad blindness. But isn’t that a bit low?

MarketingSherpa has posted this fantastic graph showing the average click-through rate of different banner ads sizes. And it looks like our “low-potential” forum spots are actually over-performing.

Average CTR on banner ads
Next time I pitch to an advertiser, this chart will be at the top of my mind. How are your ads stacking up?